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Meet Tara

As a blazer aficionado...

I spent the first part of my career leading retail PR for three of the world's most recognized brands. I clocked a lot of time in our showrooms with editors and stylists,  helping them build outfits using pieces from our collections. I was also exposed to our buyers and in-store display teams who created looks that would capture the imagination of the consumer. It was a fascinating process that gave me a true appreciation for what it takes to make a style your own. I learned the value of stocking up on basics, the importance of key investment pieces (to pair with those basics) and the role of statement pieces and accessories. 

I became a media regular on Global, City TV and other networks, providing commentary on trends and advice for creating seasonal and more classic looks for both men and women. The message above all, identify a style that suits all aspects of your life.

More recently, I started an IGTV video series called 'The Thrift Files' with my co-host, Holly MacMillan. We give lots of advice about the thrift hunt, vintage scores, styles that stand the test of time and the ever important editing process.

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